What Is Lifestyle Photography? | Toronto Family Photographer

March 19, 2021 LIFESTYLE, FAMILY

What Is Lifestyle Photography?

Think of lifestyle family photography as a mix of classic portrait photography and documentary photography. A photographer typically takes a hands-off approach, letting moments happen naturally. At the same time, the photographer will offer a few suggestions and ideas that will result in better photos. The photographer will capture shots as situations naturally happen, while suggesting different areas the subjects can go to in order to capture better shots. For instance, if there is good lighting in the front or backyard, then the photographer may encourage the family to spend a bit of time there so they can take better quality pictures. 

We all have taken family photos at some point in our lives. When you were young, perhaps you remember your parents taking you and your siblings to a photography studio to take that annual family portrait. You had to dress up. You had to stand a certain way and you had to stand very still while the photographer posed each family member. Well, lifestyle family photography is completely different. It is not about taking photos of the family wearing their Sunday best and having the kids hair perfectly combed. It is about capturing memories about a day in a life at your home. Turning the mundane, beautiful.

A formal family portrait is great, but it does not tell a story about your family. Day after day, your children grow right in front of your eyes, and before you know it, they are off to college. Won't it be nice to be able to walk down memory lane to relive one of the days when your children were still in their precocious years? I basically become your house guest for a few hours, as you go about your normal activities. I may make suggestions on some fun activities, but these will be perfectly natural and not staged.

Remember when your child awkwardly tried to brush his own teeth? Or when you were letting your children help you bake cookies and they ended up with a lot of flour on their faces? I can capture those unplanned, candid, and real moments in your family's everyday life. These are the exact types of little things that you reminisce about when you relive those memories, which makes those moments all the more precious.

Why Should Families Look Into Lifestyle Family Photography?

Families should look into hiring a photographer in Toronto for family lifestyle shoots so they can relive natural and special moments. Families are often surprised at how good their photos come out when they are captured doing everyday things, or while they are doing special things such as going on an adventure, on vacation and things of that nature. It doesn't matter if you're building forts in the bedroom, or if a family is just spending the afternoon together having a barbecue or if they are spending time in nature, a family lifestyle photographer can capture many small, but special moments that families can cherish for many years to come. 

A brown hair toddler is held up by his hands by his two mothers. He is looking at the camera.

As a top Toronto photographer that specializes in lifestyle family photography, I can capture special family moments that they'll be able to treasure forever.