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Frequently Asked Questions - Weddings

What makes you different from every other wedding photographer?

I'm the best friend you didn't know you needed. I'm the fourth bridesmaid, the third groomsmen. I'm your flower girl, I'm your cheerleader.

I preach authenticity on your wedding day because I am an authentic person. You'll never feel like you have a 'photographer' following you around, in fact you may even forget you're being photographed at times. I won't flinch when you curse, or feel awkward when you cry.

I'll wipe away your eye boogers with my sleeve. I'll super glue your heel back together, but not before taking a picture of it stuck in the sidewalk. You can take my bra at the end of the night if you or your partner need it for brunch the morning after.

I'll be your Grandma's closest pal, and she'll likely save me a glass of wine. Your ring bearer won't be afraid to run down the aisle, because we will already have a secret handshake. Your aunt can use my deodorant after two hours of dancing at the reception and I'll drive you back to your hotel if you want to bail on it all early. You truly not only have a photographer, but a friend you can rely on as well.

PLUS, you'll have really friggin' rad photos to boot.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

I registered Sandra-Lee Photography as a business in April of 2008, and photographed my first wedding three months later.

How many photos do we get?

I do not set a limit on how many photos you get. There are so many factors that come into play, including travel time to and from locations, weather and guest corporation.

On average, for a full wedding day, I deliver over 750 photos.

What is the turn around time on a full wedding gallery?

Approximately 3 months from the date of your wedding, you can expect your fully edited gallery in your inbox!

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, fully! Each photo is personally edited by hand; cropping, colour choices including b&w selections are meticulously chosen for each photograph.

What does this mean? It means step away from the instagram filters.

If we don't want an engagement session, can we get a discount?

No. Get to know you sessions are included at no extra cost, as a way to actually get to know each other, help break the ice, and build a friendship that helps you relax on your wedding day.

You don't want to slip into your wedding outfit in front of a stranger, it's much better to do it in front of a friend.

Do you have an assistant?

Always! My assistants work as both a photographer and an assistant, they also keep me from getting hangry on the 12 hour days.

Do you travel? Do you offer a discount for destination weddings?

I love travelling! My passport is up to date and always in need of diverse country stamps.

Travel, accommodation and transportation costs must be provided for myself and an assistant.

I offer a discount on travel fees to Newfoundland, and countries I have NOT travelled to before.

Do you work with a wedding cinematographer?

No, but we have a preferred list of incredibly talented cinematographers who we love to work with and who do not impede with the natural flow of your day!

How do you ensure the safety of our photos?

All of my cameras have dual memory card slots, once a photo is taken it automatically get copied to a second memory card. Once the cards are full, these cards are placed into a waterproof case and separated into different camera bags.

When I finish a wedding, all of the raw files on the memory cards are backed up to two separate network attached storage systems. As well as living on my computer hard drive (which is mirrored) until they're delivered. (If I am travelling, they're backed up to two external hard drives, and one set of memory cards is not wiped until delivery)

From there, I have two cloud storage systems that then back up all files on my computer hard drives. One of them backs up only what is currently on my computer, the other backs up anything that's ever been on my computer. After two years, the edited files are transferred to two mirrored hard drives and kept in storage. Safe storage of your photos is guaranteed for one year from delivery.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. To confirm a wedding date there's a 30% non-refundable retainer fee.

The fee is transferable only if you move your date and I have the new date free. However if you cancel the wedding or move it to a date I'm not available, the retainer fee is non-refundable.

This fee is applied towards your wedding total, not above and beyond.

Do you offer payment plans?

Hell yeah I do!

Weddings are PRICEY. Trust me, I know, I was there - and have the rad wedding photos to show for it!

After the initial 30% deposit, you can set up any type of payment plan you want to pay the remainder. As long as the remaining balance is paid by the due date (two weeks before the wedding) - we can rock any arrangement!

What happens if it rains?

We embrace it. Whether this means figuring out an alternate plan in advance, or rolling with it by putting on our rubber boots and letting the rainfall add to the story. I am prepared for all types of weather and am not made of sugar, so I'm ready to rock anything.

How long will you stay?

I'm there to tell your story, which is why I don't have set hour packages anymore. From getting into your dress or suit, to the dancing; I'm there to document the narrative of the day as it happens.

Once I start getting the same type of photos of the same Uncle on the dance floor for 30 minutes straight; I usually call it a night ;)

Do we have to feed you on the wedding day?

Yes, please! Wedding days can be long, by the time the reception rolls around, the buns on the table start looking parisian croissants to me. For all meal planning purposes, myself and assistant are Vegan.

We love sitting with your family and friends and being able to get to know you even better. Keeping me in the same room as you, instead of a separate vendor room allows me to capture even more of the unexpected moments in between that can pop up.

Can we have the unedited RAW files?


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