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Could Staying Home Be The Perfect Photography Location?

There is so much chaos and fun that gets packed into such a short time, it's truly where I thrive.

Home is where your story happens. It's a simple statement but has profound meaning. Home isn't just a building, a location, a set of walls; instead, it is the place where we learn to grow, the springboard to what we will become. The places we'll go, the things we will do, they all anchor us back to our base. Indeed, there is nowhere quite as magic as home.

That is why, when it comes to a photography location for a family photo shoot, choosing to stay home could be one of the best choices you ever made. As a photographer, I have seen it time and time again, the way the kids get butterflies of excitement as they drag me around their house to show me each room. I see a fantastic sense of chaos that is in perfect harmony; a real goldmine for us as photographers to capture the very essence of family life.

When the family is home, there is an unspoken sense of being at ease. In a photo shoot that takes place at home, there are the moments that we plan, the moments that we try to make happen, and then the shots of pure magic that happen in between. I live for these priceless moments in time where a lifetime's memory is captured in one single shot.

Life isn't about a perfectly posed photo, it's about embracing the madness of family life and having a memory in print that will always remind you of just how epic your every day is.