Family Camping Photo Session | Toronto + Newfoundland Family Photographer


The biggest question I'm always asked is; 'What should we do for our photography session?'

My answer is always to choose a location or activity that means something to your family. Whether that be your home (my favourite) or on location!

These photoshoots can happen at a place you visit every day like your favourite beach or cafe, jumping on the trampoline in the backyard, making a messy pasta dinner in the kitchen or even camping, like these folks did.

The best thing about being somewhere or doing something that everyone loves, is the level of comfort it brings. It's like putting on your favourite sweater, but in photoshoot form. It just feels right. There's no one around to impress, you can be your silly selves and there's a bonus of having physical copies of your memories to keep forever.

I love that this family packed up and headed to their camper in the park, to hang around the campfire and try their luck on the pond. This is their normal, their every weekend activity and I'm so glad I was able to capture it for them.