Cozy Newborn Lifestyle Session | Toronto + Newfoundland Family Photographer


Staying home and being comfortable during your family photos is the ultimate dream.

When these two told me they were expecting, I was not only over the moon for them - but absolutely sure their kid could be the coolest on the block.

I was so lucky to be back in Newfoundland shortly after Rhodie was born and able to capture these photos of their little family. Of course he slept the entire time, but I can't blame him, with a home as cozy as his I'd be napping all the time too. These at home sessions, are just so comfortable and cozy. I'm so happy to be invited in and capture a slice of your normal.

Of course, there are many practical sides to choosing to stay home for your photography location. Whether you're in St. John's or Toronto. For new parents, keeping their baby at home, the one place that is familiar to this incredible new little human, can create photos that truly embrace their little character, while staying in an environment that new parents are comfortable in. The benefits are endless and the results are nothing short of stunning.