Top 5 Engagement Photo Locations | Toronto + St. John's Wedding Photographer


Location questions always fill my inbox, whether it's Toronto or Newfoundland couples, it's the question that plagues everyone.

'Where should we have our engagement session?'

Of course I could suggest a beautiful random location, like on a lush hill top or on the waterfront. However, since I preach authenticity, I want to say that no matter how pretty or cool the location is; if you have no connection to it - it's going to stay just that, a pretty background with you posing in front of it. Going somewhere because it's cool, doesn't necessarily mean it'll suit you.

How DO you decide though? I'm the expert, shouldn't I have a list of beautiful locations for you to choose from? It's much easier if you focus less on the where, and more on the what + why.

Here's what I ask every single one of my couples to do: picture your perfect weekend off, a Saturday, with no prior engagements or work. Nothing to do the next day; what are you doing? Are you hiking on your favourite local trails? Having a takeout picnic in your local park? Taking the ferry to the island? Drinking a bottle of prosecco and having a dance party in your kitchen?

Your engagement session should be less of a photoshoot, and more of a photo adventure, as cliche as that sounds. This is a way for your photographer to get to know you, and you to know them. You can consider it a time capsule, of that exact moment of your life.

To help you along, I've come up with my top 5 favourite location IDEAS for your engagement session. Hopefully these spark inspiration and creativity for your get to know me sessions!

1. Somewhere That Is Important To You Both

I realize this is broad, but do you wake up and take your dog for a walk around the pond near your house? Have a favourite campsite you love escaping to? Did you meet while working at the same record store when you were 16? Were you on the same ski trip in college? Having photos of the both of you in a location that has a memory tied to it, makes you cherish them a little more.

2. Your Home

After all, it's where you spend the most time together! It's where your memories are made, netflix is watched, spaghetti is cooked! It's where your STUFF is. There's nothing better than keeping it at home, inviting me over for a glass of wine and listening to records. Some of my favourite sessions happen where you're most comfortable, cozy at home

3. Your Favourite Bar/Restaurant

Is there somewhere that everybody knows your name? A cute cafe with the best empanadas and portuguese hot chocolate, that you both sit and soak up the sunshine on lazy Sundays? There's nothing better than sipping cocktails on the deck of your favourite haunt.

4. Your Neighbourhood

From your local corner store, the coffee shop down the block, to the brick lined alleyways and always fresh pizza joint near your bus stop. These are places you walk by and interact with every single day. Our generations rarely stay in the same home or neighbourhood for their entire lives; so consider a walk around your hood during a shoot as a little time capsule for that point in your life.

5. Somewhere You've Always Wanted To Go

I know, I know. Above I said, it's best to go somewhere that means something to you - but that doesn't mean somewhere you've been before. If you've always dreamed about having your engagement photos eating ice cream by colourful row houses, but you've never done it - this could be the time to start! Are you from a coastal town but living in the big city? Let's find waves and make you feel at home. Love scoping out new markets? Hiking new trails? Let's go!