I'm new to this all, CMS's (Client Management Software) that is. For years I did all of my client management in my accounting program. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Freshbooks (that's a whole other post) - but what is excelled in accounting wise, it lacked in client management.

Up until a few months ago, I was using one program for contracts, one for invoicing, gmail for emailing and google calendar for scheduling. To keep track of where I was in a clients shoot/wedding I was using a huge printed chart, it was all too much. I admit I struggle in the business side of this whole career, I'm artistic, I want to create - I don't want to spend hours trying to wrangle client information.

I started researching, downloading, importing, and trying everything out. I was fresh from WPPI with suggestions abound - but nothing felt right. Nothing fit. I didn't want to hire someone to set it up for me, I didn't want to have a PHD to operate it and I wanted to have every feature I craved simply laid out. Time and time again, I came back to Honeybook; the look, the streamlined feel, the simplicity that existed even though it was packed full of everything you could need.

I'm just over a month in, with no regrets - I've saved myself so much time already and my communication with my clients has become a breeze instead of a chore. I love being able to visually see where I stand in my workflow for each client, what needs to be done and what has already been accomplished.


Everything is streamlined, from intake to delivery; it's so smooth. The things that really did it for me though?

  1. THE CONTACT FORM - You set up your own personal customized contact form, with as many questions you want. Honeybook creates a code that you input on your website and BAM - your contact form on your website now funnels inquiries directly into HB.
  2. PROJECTS - When a client sends an inquiry through the contact form, Honeybook creates a project; a workspace that contains all emails, files and notes for each client. Having all of a clients information in one spot is the most helpful thing, I don't know how I did without this before. I'm a papertrail kind of person, being able to attach contracts, read emails and to see notes about each project has been incredible. It has increased by response time, by making communicating so easy.
  3. TEMPLATES - Sending the same information to inquiring minds over and over is tiring and a waste of precious time. You can create email templates to cut back on the repetition. You can also create questionnaires to send in emails that helps you get a feel for each project.
  4. SCHEDULING - Honeybook's newest feature, and final factor in me choosing them was the launch of the scheduling feature. You can set up your availability for meetings, calls, in person sessions, special projects, video chats all through it! Clients can click a link, choose a date and book! This is super beneficial for photographers booking things like photoshoots, mini sessions and consultations!
  5. CUSTOMER SERVICE - While I consider myself tech savvy, I ran into a few headaches when I was trying to transfer all of my client information from my accounting program into Honeybook. After chatting with a HB Employee, they let me know that Honeybook will set up your account for FREE (unlike some other programs) - transferring all your active clients, invoices, contracts and information. It doesn't have to be in a fancy PSF or Excel form; they'll take scraps of paper if you need them to.

Tired of me talking? Most people are - so here are the goods! Honeybook has hooked me up with 20% all plans (EVEN MONTH TO MONTH) for one year! HOW RAD IS THAT?

All you've got to do is CLICK HERE!