Downtown Micro Wedding | Toronto Wedding Photographer

January 20, 2021 WEDDING

During the pandemic, Micro-Weddings have found themselves in the spotlight.

Can you blame anyone though? Stress free planning, a whole day for adventuring? I have always loved the smaller, intimate weddings a little more. They just have less stress, less worry and more people just ENJOYING their day together. I think the one good thing to come from the pandemic, is the stripping down of weddings and events to the bare minimum.

This doesn't mean you have to skimp on details or fun, but it's less worrying about seating charts and charger plates.

S+K had the right idea, with their first look in the Glen Stewart Ravine, hip photos in front of the beautiful piece of architecture, the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant and a quick dart to Queen Street East for a snack (Ice Cream of course, as is the trend with my clients - haha!) All before heading back to their intimate backyard garden wedding. Doesn't it sound dreamy? It totally was.